Trojan Marinex BWT Systems update on USCG Type Approval

Trojan Marinex is fully committed to obtain a USCG type approval as well as the new G8 approval for the whole Marinex series of Ballast water treatment equipment

Trojan was the FIRST maker to apply for USCG Type approval in  2015 however the application was declined and the reason for the denial was the test method used for phyto plankton organisms on our USCG type approval testing called MPN. Throughout 2016 and 2017 Trojan has worked towards a legislative solution

 Until now, some UV based ballast water treatment systems (Alfa Laval and Optimarine) have received their USCG type approval via testing the phytoplankton organisms with a USCG approved test method called staining, which fits poorly to UV based solution.  This led to limitations on their certificates (3-day holidng requirement before ballast water discharge and UVT (or UVI) limitations on water quality that can be treated.


Trojan decided to take another route and challenged the test method, as it was already once accepted by IMO worldwide. Finally we see some positive news regarding our efforts.


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