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Purestream™ Ballast Water Global Presence — Distribution / Service / Support

Atlantium’s UV technology has been proven since 2003. As a leading non-chemical AIS solutions provider with more than 15 years of experience, Atlantium’s technology has been provided to approximately 3,000 installations globally. Atlantium Marine, a part of Atlantium Technologies, is a global leader in UV treatment solutions for marine and ballast water applications.

The Purestream™ ballast water management system is a proven and effective alternative to chemical-based treatment technologies for the treatment of regulated organisms. Purestream systems are globally supported and spare parts such as UV lamps and filter elements are readily available.

Purestream™ One-Pass™

One-Pass™ Mode (IMO)
Water treatment only during ballasting
No need for water treatment during de-ballasting

Purestream™ Go™ (USCG)
No holding time required before de-ballasting, an advantage for vessels with frequent port calls/ballast operations

Purestream™ One-Pass™ ( IMO için tek geçişte arıtma özelliği)

For the IMO, the Purestream technology has demonstrated a mode of operation that enables one-pass treatment (Purestream™ One-Pass™). As a result, operation of the Purestream system is only required during ballasting and there are no requirements for water treatment during de-ballasting. This unique attribute reduces the overall power consumption by 50% when compared to traditional UV systems while doubling the unit’s reliability.

Purestream system is validated to operate at minimum retention times (≤ 24 hours) following treatment under difficult water conditions with UV transmittance as low as 40% UVT.

Purestream™ Ballast Water Management System

A new advanced UV ballast water management technology that provides effective treatment and unique operational advantages for vessels

The Purestream™ ballast water management system, developed to meet the IMO D-2 and the USCG Ballast Water Discharge standards, combines Atlantium’s proven UV solution with filtration, enabling the maximum flexibility to ship owners, while assuring compliance with the strictest inspection process by port authorities.

Purestream Science of Compliance

The Purestream system is a non-chemical, environmentally friendly solution based on a revolutionary 20-micron screen filter and a medium pressure UV system. Atlantium’s strong technical knowledge for overcoming the worst water condition and resistivity of target organisms were the basis of the UV system design. The UV system uses proprietary comprehensive real-time monitoring of critical parameters to automatically and efficiently maintain the minimum UV dose required to meet application-specific needs. Purestream also features an extensive control mechanism that assures operators and authorities about the unit’s functionality.

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